BlogThe price of medical cannabis in the UK: Releaf’s costs explained

The price of medical cannabis in the UK: Releaf’s costs explained

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Lucy MacKinnon

When prospective patients start to explore the world of medical cannabis, pricing strategies or how much medical cannabis costs are often at the forefront of their minds. This is completely understandable considering that to establish whether medical cannabis may be the right option for you, you need to know if it's within your budget, and therefore, the price of medical cannabis in the UK.


If this is you, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! 

Stick around as we explain all the costs involved in the medical cannabis treatment plans on offer at Releaf. 

How much do medical cannabis treatments cost in the UK?

Market research has shown that one of the most common concerns people have when considering cannabis-based treatments is whether they can afford it. At Releaf, we don’t believe that your circumstances should dictate the care that you are able to receive, and so, we’re passionate about providing affordable, and accessible medical cannabis treatment plans in the UK. 

The five main costs that contribute to UK medical cannabis pricing

That being said, it is important to be aware of all the costs involved in prescribed cannabis treatments, and there are five main costs that contribute to medical cannabis care that we will discuss in further detail throughout this article. They are:

  1. The price of quality cannabis-based medicines
  2. The cost of consultations with cannabis prescribers and expert clinicians
  3. The price of issuing prescriptions
  4. Medication dispensing and delivery fees
  5. Equipment expenses relating to medication administration

Subscription services to help you save

Because there are these five major components that contribute to prescribed cannabis care, we’ve introduced a seamless subscription service called Releaf+ to cover the service and equipment costs, and offer you a cost-effective, predictable way to manage your own treatment plan. 

For just £39.99 a month, the Releaf+ subscription service is inclusive of all follow-up consultations, prescriptions, dispensing and delivery fees. We also offer Plus member prices on all our medical cannabis flowers, starting from just £7.99 per gram, allowing patients to save up to 20% over the course of one year (based on a monthly prescription of 30g of cannabis flower).

When patients enrol on our Releaf+ package, they also receive a Welcome Box which has all the kit they need to get started with their medical cannabis treatment, and a physical copy of their Medical Cannabis Card. 

The Releaf welcome box

Valued at £100, the Welcome Box contains a cannabis grinder, a dry-herb vapouriser and biodegradable flowersticks (which are designed for administering and dosing medical cannabis) and an airtight glass storage jar to retain your medication's quality and potency. Providing you with all the equipment needed to start off your journey with medical cannabis, all delivered straight to your door. 

The price of medical cannabis consultations

Unlike most other pharmaceuticals, medical cannabis was prohibited and demonised in the UK for almost 100 years because of its psychoactive qualities. As a consequence, now, the majority of practising doctors in the UK are relatively inexperienced in cannabis medicine because it has only been legally available for five years, and it is very rarely prescribed by the NHS: the nation's publicly funded healthcare provider. 

In the UK, only doctors listed on the General Medical Council’s Specialist Register can issue an initial prescription for medical cannabis, or cannabis-based medicines, to patients who are deemed suitable for treatment. Although there are 40,000 doctors listed on the GMC’s Specialist Register,
only 0.25% of those who can prescribe medical cannabis actually do

The majority of cannabis-prescribing doctors work for private medical cannabis clinics, and at Releaf we’ve curated a perfect team of clinicians, whose expertise range across the broad spectrum of health to ensure that we can meet a wide range of patient needs. Our consultations last for 20-30 minutes, and take place virtually to ensure your privacy, comfort, and convenience. 

How much are doctor's appointments with Releaf?

All patients using Releaf services have an initial consultation with one of our specialist doctors, which costs £99.99. Prior to this consultation, the doctor will have reviewed your health questionnaire and eligibility checker answers to have an understanding of your clinical needs. 

During the consultation, our doctors will learn more about your specific needs and, depending on their findings, will explain how medical cannabis or cannabis-based medicines may be able to benefit your condition. If appropriate, they will issue a prescription for cannabis based medicines.

After the initial consultation, our patients can select whether they’d like to subscribe to the Releaf+ package for £39.99 a month, or check out as a Pay As You Go customer. Those on the Releaf+ package will receive free follow-up appointments throughout their treatment plan, whilst those choosing to Pay As You Go pay for their clinician consultations individually at £99.99 for each one.

As standard, our patients should expect to see a member of our clinical or patient support team at least four times a year, and all patients are required to have a check-in consultation one month into starting their medical cannabis treatment plan. 

Medical cannabis prescription prices

If you are comparing medical cannabis prescription prices in the UK, it is important to know what is actually included in that price; whether the price stated is for solely the physical issuance of an FP10 prescription, or includes the consultation, medication, and delivery costs as well.

At Releaf, if our specialist doctors deem medical cannabis an appropriate treatment option for you during a consultation, the cost for issuing your prescription is included in the consultation fee. In the months when you are not required to see a clinician, repeat prescriptions are free for patients on the Releaf+ package, and priced at £19.99 for patients who prefer to Pay As You Go. 

Medical cannabis flower prices

After your initial consultation, if you’ve received a prescription for medical cannabis treatments, our expert doctors will recommend a range of dried flower variations, or strains of medical cannabis, that may be useful in managing your health condition. 

Medical cannabis prices vary from strain to strain depending on their strength or effects, and start from just £7.99 per gram for Releaf+members, and £9.99 per gram for patients who prefer to Pay As You Go. By offering a comprehensive range of cannabis-based medicines at affordable prices, we give our patients the flexibility to curate their own personalised treatment plans that benefit not only their health, but also their budget. 

We deliver medical cannabis to our patients using a tracked delivery service in discreet and odour-proof packaging which costs £4.99 for Pay As You Go patients, and is free of charge for those who have subscribed to Releaf+. To work out which plan would be best for you, or predict how much medical cannabis treatments may cost, you can use our online calculation tool

Releaf’s medical cannabis pricing plans

To summarise, as follows, is a complete, comprehensive breakdown of Releaf’s medical cannabis pricing. All of our patients receive quality consultations with expert clinicians, unlimited access to a team of patient support advisors, freedom to choose from a wide range of cannabis-based medicines, and tracked, discreet delivery. 

releaf medical cannabis pricing plans

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Releaf Plus: £39.99 per month

Medical cannabis flower prices start from £7.99 per gram for Releaf+ patients. 

Releaf+ is inclusive of all: 

  • Consultation fees
  • Repeat prescription charges
  • Medication delivery

And upon enrolment to Releaf+, patients are sent:

  • A free physical medical cannabis card
  • A free treatment starter box

Releaf Pay As You Go

The price of medical cannabis flowers for Pay As You Go patients start from £9.99 per gram.

Additional costs:

  • Medical cannabis consultations cost £99.99
  • Repeat prescriptions cost £19.99
  • The price for medication postage is £4.99

And upon enrolment to Releaf, patients are sent:

  • A free physical medical cannabis card

To discuss your options, or discover whether medical cannabis treatments may benefit the symptoms of your health condition, register your interest and fill out our quick, simple eligibility checker to get started.

It is important to seek medical advice before starting any new treatments. The patient advisors at Releaf are available to provide expert advice and support. Alternatively, click here to book a consultation with one of our specialist doctors.

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