Getting started with a medical cannabis treatment plan

We provide our patients with a seamless all-in-one medical cannabis solution, ensuring a safe and convenient service that puts you in control. Read on to understand the key steps involved in assessing your eligibility for a medical cannabis prescription and creating a bespoke prescribed treatment plan with our specialist doctors.

Start your journey
Step #01

Assess Your Eligibility for Medical Cannabis
You can assess whether you may be eligible for a medical cannabis prescription here by checking if your diagnosed condition and medical history qualifies your suitability for cannabis-based treatments. If you’ve been diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia we recommend speaking with our patient support team for further advice and information.

Step #02

Account Creation and Medical Record Upload
Eligible for a medical cannabis prescription with Releaf? Take the next step by creating an account. Here you can upload your Summary of Care Record if you have it, if not, we can guide you through the process of how to request it from your GP, or grant Releaf permission to do so on your behalf.

Step #03

Schedule Online Consultation
<p>Book your initial 20-30 minute consultation with one of our UK registered specialist doctors who are experienced in treating your diagnosed health condition. During this online consultation, you can discuss whether a medical cannabis prescription may be suitable for you.</p>

Step #04

Treatment Plan Agreement and Approval
Once your medical cannabis prescription has been issued, you can choose from a range of dried cannabis flowers or cannabis oils that may benefit your symptoms or improve your overall health. These prescription decisions are then reviewed and approved by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians at the end of each day.

Step #05

Monthly Medication Delivery
<p>Your prescribed cannabis medication will be dispensed directly to your door each month in discreet odourless packaging using a trackable delivery service. Releaf Plus members also receive a starter pack containing their Releaf Medical Cannabis Card and all the kit they need to start their treatment.</p>

Step #06

Ongoing Check-ins & Follow-up Care
When starting a new medical cannabis treatment plan, regular check-in appointments with our clinical team are required to ensure your prescription meets your needs. All our patients can also access our dedicated patient support team, who can offer expert insight and continuous support along your journey with prescribed medical cannabis.