Hash / Hashish

Hash, or hashish, is a concentrated form of cannabis that is made by separating the trichomes (the small resin glands that cover the flowers and 'sugar' leaves) from the plant material and then compressing them into a solid block.

Hash can vary in colour, texture, and potency depending on the method used to make it and the strain of cannabis it is sourced from.


Is hash offered to medical cannabis patients in the UK?


No, hash is not currently offered to medical cannabis patients in the UK. Many UK medical cannabis products contain or are made from cannabis extracts, but hash is not currently classed as a prescribable product.


How is hash used?


Hash is most often smoked or vaped. It can also be added to food to make edibles, but all of these consumption methods are illegal in the UK. In countries where recreational cannabis is legal, hash can be purchased and consumed legally.


What are some common terms used to describe hash?


Like most things connected to the recreational weed scene, hash has more than a handful of nicknames. Some common terms used to describe hash include "hashish," "charas," "resin," "soap bar," and "black." Depending on the region, different terms may be used for specific types of hash.


Are there any medical benefits of using hash?


Hash is simply a concentrated form of cannabis, so it offers many of the same potential medical benefits. These include pain relief, reducing inflammation, and improving appetite.

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