A 'grinder' is a piece of equipment used to grind up dried cannabis flower into small pieces (granulate) so it can be more easily and efficiently vaporised.

Grinders are a tool used by cannabis consumers to break down, or grind up, dried cannabis flowers so that they can be inhaled through smoking or vaping. Usually made from either plastic or metal, grinders have a set of interlocking teeth that shred cannabis apart when they are twisted in opposing directions. 


Are grinders necessary?


No, grinders are not 100% necessary, but they can make the process of preparing medical cannabis much easier and more convenient.


How do you choose a good grinder?


When choosing a grinder, consider the material it is made from. Most patients prefer to use metal grinders, as they are much better at grinding the cannabis into granulate, making it easier to vaporise. Also, think about the size - smaller grinders are more portable, but larger grinders can hold more cannabis and are easier to use.

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