Granulate refers to cannabis flower that has been finely ground up, which is then typically vaped by medical cannabis patients.

Granulate is the term used to describe medical cannabis flower that has been ground into small, granular pieces. This process breaks down the dense flower buds into smaller particles, making them easier to dose and vaporise for medical purposes.


Why do patients break the flowers into granulate?


Easier dosing: Breaking the flower into smaller pieces allows patients to more accurately measure out their desired dosage. This is especially important for patients who require precise dosages.

Better vaporisation: Granulated flower can be loaded more evenly into vaporisers, resulting in a more efficient vaporisation of the trichomes, where all the cannabinoids are produced.


How do patients break the flowers into granulate? 


The most common method is through a cannabis grinder. These grinders are specially designed to break down the flower buds into small, granular pieces. Some patients may also use their hands or scissors to manually break down the flowers.


Is medical cannabis granulate different from other forms of medical cannabis?


Yes, cannabis-based medicines come as oil, balms, capsules, edibles, and tinctures. These forms have been processed and extracted from the whole plant, whereas granulate is simply ground up flower buds.


Can you legally smoke medical cannabis granulate in the UK?


No, smoking medical cannabis in the UK is not legal due to the health concerns connected to inhaling any type of smoke. Medical cannabis flower granulate is mostly vaped. 

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