GPhC: General Pharmaceutical Council

The GPhC or the General Pharmaceutical Council was established in 2010 to independently regulate pharmacists, pharmacies, and pharmacy technicians in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council. The GPhC oversee the educational and training courses available within the pharmaceutical industry, hold a register of all practising pharmacists, and ensure that high standards of care are maintained. 


Do pharmacists handle medical cannabis in the UK?

Yes, all medicines, including cannabis-based medical products, are provided to patients through pharmacists in the UK. Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing and providing information about medical cannabis products to patients, working closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure safe and appropriate use.


Are there any cannabis dispensaries in the UK?


No, unlike other countries where medical cannabis is a legal treatment option, in the UK, there are no medical cannabis dispensaries. Medical cannabis products are only available through pharmacies with a prescription from a specialist doctor.

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