GP: General Practitioner

GPs, or General Practitioners, are medical professionals who provide medical services and healthcare to local communities.

A General Practitioner, or a GP, is the type of doctor you typically find at your local doctor’s surgery. GPs are able to prescribe medications and are trained to give general medical advice regarding all common health conditions and concerns. When necessary, GPs refer their patients to specialists or other medical services for further tests, treatment, or diagnosis. 


Can GPs prescribe medical cannabis?


No, in the UK, only specialist doctors are legally allowed to prescribe medical cannabis. These specialists must be on the GMC Specialist Register and undergo additional training in order to prescribe medical cannabis.


Why can't GPs prescribe cannabis-based medicines in the UK?


The UK government made the decision to restrict the prescription of cannabis-based medicines to specialist doctors due to concerns about potential misuse and safety. This decision was also supported by medical bodies such as the British Medical Association and Royal College of General Practitioners.


Can GPs provide referrals for medical cannabis?


Yes, GPs can provide their patients with a referral or recommendation to see a specialist who can legally prescribe medical cannabis. You will need to request a copy of your medical records and any relevant test results from your GP to bring to your appointment with the specialist.

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