GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensure that products and medications are produced consistently to a high standard of quality and according to regulatory requirements.

Good Manufacturing Practices maintain and enforce a safety standard when manufacturing products. In the medical cannabis industry, having to conform to GMP standards and guidelines ensures that cannabis medicines are certified, traceable, and produced to a high and safe standard. 


Why is GMP important for the medical cannabis sector?


Making sure that patients are receiving medical cannabis products that are safe and effective is of the highest importance. GMP provides a set of standards and guidelines for manufacturers to follow in order to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of cannabis-based medical products.


What does the GMP specifically regulate for medical cannabis products?


GMP specifically looks at the entire production process, from the cultivation of medical cannabis plants to the final packaging and distribution of medical cannabis products. This includes aspects such as facility cleanliness, personnel training and hygiene, proper documentation and record-keeping, quality control measures, and proper storage and transportation methods.

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