GMC: General Medical Council

The General Medical Council is responsible for the Specialist Register in the UK. Only the specialist doctors listed on this register are permitted to prescribe medical cannabis.

The General Medical Council is the regulatory body for medical practitioners in the UK. The GMC are in charge of the Specialist Register, which doctors must be registered with in order to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK. 


Why can't GPs prescribe medical cannabis in the UK?


GPs cannot be registered on the GMC, as they do not hold a Specialist Register. This means that in order to legally prescribe medical cannabis, they must refer their patients to a specialist who is registered on the GMC and has the appropriate qualifications and experience.

The UK government have stated that they do not see a role for GPs to prescribe medical cannabis, as they believe it should be reserved for specialists who have experience in treating complex medical conditions. This is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment when it comes to medical cannabis.

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