GACP: Good Agricultural and Collection Practices

The Good Agricultural and Collection Practices are a set of standards outlined by The World Health Organisation for the cultivation, harvesting and transportation of medicinal plants.

What are the GACP: Good Agricultural and Collection Practices?


Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) are a set of guidelines and standards which form the basis for safe, high-quality and sustainable farming practices that are followed in the UK. These regulations apply to all aspects of agricultural production through to post-harvest handling and storage.

The purpose of GACP is to ensure that food is produced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable way. This also includes properly handling crops and livestock to prevent contamination and spread of diseases.


Is the GACP a global initiative?


Yes, the GACP is a World Health Organisation (WHO) initiative followed by multiple countries worldwide, in addition to the UK. It sets a global standard for good agricultural practices and is continuously updated based on scientific advancements and best practices.

Not all countries abide by the same regulations, so it is important for farmers to be aware of local laws and guidelines in order to ensure their practices align with GACP.

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