The FSA, or the Food Standards Agency, is a department within the UK’s government that regulates food policy and its influences on public health.

The Food Standards Agency is the regulatory body that is responsible for protecting the health of citizens in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in relation to food, whilst the FSA Scotland does the same for the Scotland. The FSA oversees labelling policy, the enforcement of safety standards, and regulations concerning food hygiene. 


How is medical cannabis connected to the FSA?


Cannabis based medicines are not controlled by the FSA, but 'over-the-counter' CBD products are.

In 2019, CBD consumables were officially deemed as "novel foods" by the FSA, which means they require authorisation before being sold on the market. This change brought more stringent oversight to the industry, and aimed to protect consumers from misleading claims and unsafe products. 

Medical cannabis falls under a different jurisdiction, as it is a prescription-only medicine. 

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