Flower Stick

Flower sticks are made from biodegradable and compostable materials. Medical cannabis patients can fill them with ground cannabis, which is then vaped in an OMURA vapouriser.

OMURA flower sticks have been designed to help with cannabis dosing. They are filled with ground cannabis and inserted into the OMURA vaporiser, where they act as both a capsule for the cannabis, and as a mouthpiece for the vaporiser. 


What is medical cannabis flower?


The flowers (or buds) of the cannabis plant are where the majority of the plant's medicinal compounds are found. These flowers are covered in trichomes, which contain high levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.


How is medical cannabis flower vaped?


The first step is to grind your dried cannabis flower and fill the OMURA flower stick with it. Once filled, simply insert the flower stick into the OMURA vaporiser. The vaporiser will then heat the cannabis to a specific temperature, releasing its medicinal compounds as vapour for inhalation. This method of administration is known as vaping and is considered to be much safer than smoking.


Why is medical cannabis flower vaped and not smoked?


In the UK, it is illegal to smoke any prescribed cannabis flower. Smoking anything, including medical cannabis is considered to be harmful and toxic to the lungs. However, vaping cannabis flower eliminates these risks as it does not involve combustion or burning of any kind.

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