A cannabis dispensary is a place or location that lawfully dispenses cannabis.

In the UK, patients receive their medical cannabis from pharmacies as opposed to from dispensaries, but in other countries, patients can access their medication from cannabis dispensaries. Medical cannabis is typically dispensed by pharmacists in cannabis dispensaries. In countries or states where the cannabis is completely legalised, adults can also purchase cannabis from recreational dispensaries that are typically staffed by ‘budtenders’.


What is the difference between a pharmacy and a cannabis dispensary?


In the UK, there are no cannabis dispensaries, as all cannabis-based medicine is dispensed through licensed pharmacies. A pharmacy is a regulated healthcare facility that is primarily responsible for the safe and effective distribution of prescription medications to patients.

This includes dispensing medication, providing patient counselling and advice, and ensuring proper labelling and storage of medication. Pharmacists are highly trained professionals who must adhere to strict regulations and guidelines in order to provide quality care for their patients. 


Will there ever be cannabis dispensaries in the UK?


No, at least not until cannabis is fully legalised. Right now, recreational cannabis use is illegal in the UK, and medical cannabis can only be prescribed under specific circumstances. 

Even if cannabis were to become legal for recreational use, it is unsure whether there would be cannabis dispensaries similar to those in some of the US states.

The issues surrounding legalising cannabis for recreational use in the UK are currently being debated, but we do not expect to see recreational cannabis legalised soon. Some argue that it could bring economic benefits and reduce crime rates, while others raise concerns about potential health risks and the impact on society. 

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