A dab is a single dose or unit of concentrated cannabis oil, extracted from trichomes in the cannabis plant.

A dab is one type of recreational cannabis oil concentrate or extract intended for vaporised inhalation. 

The word derives from the action of touching cannabis oil onto a hot surface in a dabbing motion, which vaporises the cannabis oil. A dab refers to the action of inhaling vaporised cannabis oil into the lungs. You can take a dab using specialised equipment, heating the cannabis oil to a specific temperature to bring it to the vaporisation point. For these reasons, people sometimes refer to dabs as a slang term for cannabis oil.


Are dabs available on prescription?


Currently, in the UK, there are no cannabis-based products for medicinal use that come in the form of dabs.


Where are dabs legal?


You can find cannabis oil dabs in legal recreational cannabis jurisdictions such as Canada, Germany, Thailand, and some states in the USA. 


What are the benefits of dabbing?


The benefit of dabbing is that people can vaporise cannabinoids in their pure form rather than combust them in a herbal form. This method helps people who use inhaled cannabis products to avoid harmful combustion compounds that are known to be dangerous to human health. 


Why are dabs so popular?


Dabs have become very popular because they are considered a healthier way to inhale cannabis compared to smoking. Dabs are rich in terpenes, they avoid inhaling burning plant material, and are reported to be effective for patients who require regular higher doses of cannabinoids. 


What is in dabs?


Dabs or cannabis oil are an oleoresin. It consists of major cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, CBG, CBN and other minor cannabinoids in smaller quantities. Terpenes, flavonoids, thiols, esters and other volatile compounds influence the flavour and have modulating effects when combined with cannabinoids in specific combinations and ratios. 

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