A cultivar is a horticultural term for plants that have been intentionally bred, or cultivated, to produce specific or distinct results.

A cultivar is a type of plant that has been bred to have distinct effects, aromas and appearances, which is achieved by cleverly combining and sculpting the characteristics that they inherit from their ‘parent plants’. In the cannabis industry, sometimes cultivars, or cultivated varieties, are referred to as strains - but this is not a horticultural term. 


What is the difference between a cannabis cultivar and 'strain'?


Nothing, the word 'strain' has been commonly used in the cannabis industry for many years, but it is not a scientifically accurate term. In medical cannabis, the term 'strain' has been replaced with 'cultivar' as it is a more precise description of the plant.


Why are there different medical cannabis cultivars?


Each cultivar has unique characteristics that make it suitable for treating different symptoms or conditions. For example, some may have higher levels of CBD, while other offer high THC potency, or boosted levels of certain terpenes or minor cannabinoids.

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