CQA: Critical Quality Attribute

In Medical Cannabis, Critical Quality Attributes, or CQAs, can be described as characteristics that influence a products' potency, purity, identity and safety.

A Critical Quality Attribute, or CQA, is a characteristic or property within a pharmaceutical product that has been regulated in quantity or concentration because it has the ability to influence the efficacy or effects the product has on humans. Products are tested for Critical Quality Attributes because certain components like excipients, adventitious agents, and impurities, can cause harm to humans. 


Are CQAs common in cannabis-based medicines?


CQAs are a part of most medicines, medical cannabis products included. CQAs are fine, as long as they are under the regulated limits set by governing bodies. In the case of cannabis-based medicines, CQAs are especially important because they can directly affect the efficacy and safety of the products.

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