Couch lock

Couch lock is a slang term for a reaction to cannabis where users feel extremely relaxed or ‘locked’ to wherever they may be sitting.

'Couch lock' is a slang term used to describe a reaction to cannabis. Primarily associated with Indica strains, ‘couch lock’ can happen when users have taken a high dose of cannabis (usually high THC strains) that has a relaxing or sedative effect, and as a result they feel ‘locked’ or unable to get up from the couch.


Is 'couch lock' dangerous?


No, 'couch lock' is not considered to be dangerous, but it is also not a desirable experience for everyone. Some people may enjoy the feeling of being 'locked' to their couch. Medical cannabis patients may administer their prescription to relieve pain and promote relaxation, while recreational users may see it as a way to unwind after a long day.


How can I ensure that I don't experience couch lock when taking my cannabis-based medicine?


The first step is to speak to your prescribing specialist. By having an open, honest, in-depth discussion about your health goals and the effects of your medication, you and your doctor can determine the proper dosage and strain for your needs.

In most cases, your doctor will advise you to titrate your medical cannabis product.


What does 'titrate' mean?


Titration is the process of starting with a very small dose, and then gradually increasing the amount and potency until you reach the desired effect. This method allows patients to find their optimal dosage without experiencing unwanted side effects such as 'couch lock'.

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