The term convection is used to describe heat being transferred from one thing, or place, to another using liquids or gas.

Convection vaporisers are popular amongst medical cannabis patients because they do not conduct, or combust, the cannabis being used. Instead, they efficiently heat the air that surrounds the cannabis, releasing its cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpene contents, without producing the toxins and tar that is created when cannabis is combusted. 


How do convection vaporisers work?


Convection vaporisers use the process of convection to heat and vaporise cannabis. Convection is the transfer of heat through a fluid or gas, such as air, rather than direct contact with a heating element.


Are convection vaporisers better than combustion methods?


While both convection and combustion methods release the active compounds in cannabis, convection vaporisers are considered to be a healthier option because they do not produce any of the harmful by-products associated with combustion, such as tar and carbon monoxide.


Are convection vaporisers more expensive?


Convection vaporisers are usually a little more expensive than vaporisers that rely on combustion methods. If you are considering buying a vaporiser, think of the initial outlay as an investment in your health. 

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