Controlled Drug

In the UK, medical cannabis and CBPMs have been classed as controlled drugs and schedule 2 medicines, which means that they are regulated by the British Government to ensure their safety.

Controlled drugs have strict legal controls surrounding their prescription, supply, storage, and distribution to ensure their safety. In the UK, cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPM) are classed as controlled drugs and schedule 2 medicines. 


What are the restrictions put in place for medical cannabis in the UK?


In the UK, medical cannabis is subject to strict legal controls due to its classification as a controlled drug. These controls are in place to ensure the safety and proper use of medical cannabis products.

Only specialists licenced with the General Medical Council (GMC) can legally prescribe medical cannabis in the UK. These specialists must have expertise in their field and be able to demonstrate a clear clinical need for prescribing medical cannabis to their patients.

While medical cannabis can be prescribed for almost any condition that has not responded to other treatments, there are certain restrictions in place. These include limiting the prescription of medical cannabis to certain quantities, only allowing it to be prescribed after at least two conventional approaches have been tried and failed, and requiring regular reviews of the treatment plan by the specialist

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