Closed Loop Extraction

Closed loop extraction is a specialist technique that is used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from raw cannabis plants.

This extraction method gets its name from the type of equipment used. Raw, ground up cannabis plant material is put inside a closed vessel where solvents, usually butane or propane, are repeatedly looped through the system - extracting cannabinoids and terpenes along the way. Closed loop extractions are completely protected from the outside environment, and so can be controlled very easily. 


Is closed loop extraction often used to make medical cannabis products?


No, closed loop extraction methods are much more common in the recreational cannabis scene. In medical cannabis products in the UK, CO2 supercritical extraction is the most commonly employed extraction method.


What is the difference between closed loop and open-loop extraction?


Closed loop extraction uses a closed system where the solvents are continuously circulated, while open-loop extraction uses a single pass through the plant material. Closed loop is considered to be a safer and more effective method as it allows for better control of the extraction process.


Are there any safety concerns with closed loop extraction?


Yes, like any other extraction method involving flammable solvents, there are a few key risks that must be considered. It is important to properly maintain and monitor the equipment for any potential leaks or malfunctions. Proper ventilation and training of personnel are also necessary to ensure safe operation.

There is also the risk of some of the solvent remaining in the final product, which can be harmful if consumed. This is one of the main reasons why closed-loop extraction is not often used for medical cannabis products in the UK.

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