BHO: Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil, or Butane Honey Oil, is a concentrated cannabis extract, that typically contains around 80% to 95% THC.

This cannabis concentrate is extremely popular around the world, typically because of its high potency and THC concentrations, which can vary between 50 and 99%. But, the efficacy, quality, and safety of these products greatly depends on the production process, and the purity of the ingredients used. 

Butane Hash Oil is not offered as a cannabis based therapeutic option often here in the UK, as there are extraction methods that are more efficient with a higher safety profile. 


What does BHO look like?


Butane hash oil is most commonly available in a sticky, thick oil consistency and is typically inhaled using a water pipe, like a dab-rig, or using a dab-pen or vaporiser. BHO can also be formulated into a wax, shatter, or crumble-like consistency. 

The colour of BHO can also vary depending on the strain of cannabis was extracted from, although, products do typically stay within a honey-based colour scheme - hence its other name, butane honey oil. 

How is BHO made?


To make butane hash oil, cannabinoids like THC and terpenes like myrcene are extracted in a resinous form from the trichomes found on cannabis plants. This process usually takes place in a laboratory using a closed-loop extraction system.

During this process, a highly pure form of pressurised butane gas is forced through an enclosed environment containing cannabis. This causes a chemical reaction, where the trichomes are separated from the plant material, leaving a thick substance containing cannabis’ most valuable ingredients. This substance is then filtered, or purged, to remove any traces of butane so that it can be formulated into BHO products. 


What are the risks associated with BHO?


Because butane gas is highly flammable, there are a lot of dangers and risks involved in the formulation of butane hash oil, and it should only be carried out by professionals in a controlled environment. 

Do not attempt to make butane hash oil at home, and don’t consume illegally produced BHO products because there is a risk they have not been properly filtered and may still contain butane-which is highly explosive. 


Why is Butane Hash Oil popular?


The popularity of Butane Hash Oil stems from its high potency and concentration of THC, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a powerful cannabis experience. However, the efficacy, quality, and safety of BHO are heavily dependent on the production process and the purity of the ingredients used.

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