Aspergillus is one type of invasive fungi that can cause issues with cannabis plants. Infestations of this fungus can lead to a wide range of problems, including stunted growth, wilting, and even death of the plant. Ingesting cannabis that has Aspergillus growing on it is considered to be dangerous, especially for patients with weakened immune systems.

Aspergillus mould can grow on improperly stored cannabis, and cannabis that has been grown in an overly humid environment. Healthy people can tolerate inhalation of spores, but it can cause serious harm to patients who have compromised immune systems. Spore overload can cause serious infection in the lung (Aspergillosis), which can spread rapidly to other parts of the body and be fatal, albeit rarely.


What standards are in place to prevent Aspergillus contamination in medical cannabis?


In the UK, strict quality control standards require medical cannabis to be tested for contaminants, including Aspergillus, before it can be prescribed. These measures ensure the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis products, reducing the risk of contamination and associated health risks.


How can I ensure my medical cannabis is free from Aspergillus?


Ensure your medical cannabis comes from a reputable source and has passed all necessary quality control tests, including those for Aspergillus. Your prescribing specialist can provide information about the sourcing and testing of your medical cannabis to reassure you of its safety.


What should I do if I suspect my medical cannabis is contaminated?


If you suspect your medical cannabis is contaminated, stop using it immediately and consult your cannabis clinic. They can advise on the next steps, which may include testing the product for contaminants and switching to a different supply if necessary.

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