Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a form of progressive dementia that gradually reduces the effectiveness of a patient's memory, thinking skill, and cognitive abilities.

Most common in those aged over 65, Alzheimer’s disease develops over many years and can influence a wide range of cognitive functions.


How does Alzheimer's disease affect daily life?


Alzheimer's disease affects daily life by impairing memory, reasoning, communication skills, and the ability to perform simple tasks. This can lead to changes in behaviour, mood swings, and increased dependence on others for personal care and daily activities. Managing these symptoms requires a comprehensive care plan and support from family and healthcare professionals.


Can medical cannabis be administered to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease?


Medical cannabis is being explored as a treatment for symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, such as agitation, sleep disturbances, and aggression. However, its effectiveness and safety are still under investigation, and it should only be considered when traditional treatments are not effective. Always consult with a prescribing specialist before considering medical cannabis for you or your loved ones. 


How can I tell if medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment for Alzheimer’s?


Determining if medical cannabis is appropriate for Alzheimer's treatment involves a detailed discussion with a prescribing specialist that is experienced with both medical cannabis and its application in the treatment of dementia. They will consider the patient's medical history, current treatments, and the potential benefits and risks. This decision is highly individual and should be based on professional medical advice.


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