Administration technique

The term administration technique is used to describe the method of application of a particular product - typically medicine.

In the medical cannabis industry, there are a range of product types that reach have their own administration technique or method.


What are the administration techniques for medical cannabis?


Administration techniques refer to the various methods by which medical cannabis can be consumed or applied. In the UK, these might include inhalation (vaporising), oral (capsules, oils, edibles), sublingual (absorbed under the tongue), and topical (applied to the skin). The choice of technique affects how quickly and effectively the cannabis acts.


How do different administration techniques affect medical cannabis efficacy?


Different administration techniques can affect the onset, duration, and intensity of the effects of medical cannabis. For example, inhalation provides rapid relief, while oral methods have a delayed onset but longer-lasting effects. Your prescribing specialist can guide you on the most appropriate method based on your condition and treatment goals.


Are all administration techniques for medical cannabis legal in the UK? 


Not all administration techniques are legal for medical cannabis use in the UK. While prescribed cannabis-based products are legal, some methods, like smoking, are not legal because of the associated health risks. Always follow the guidance of your prescribing specialist and adhere to UK laws regarding medical cannabis use.


How can I find out which administration technique is best for me?


To find out which administration technique is best for you, consult with your prescribing specialist. They will consider your medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals to recommend the most suitable method. They can also provide instructions and support for correctly using the chosen technique.


What should I do if the recommended administration technique is not effective?


If the recommended administration technique is not effective, inform your prescribing specialist. They may adjust your dosage, recommend a different cannabis product, or suggest an alternative administration method. It's important to communicate openly about your experiences to find the most effective treatment approach.


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